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Swallowing Assessment/ Mealtime Management Plan

Swallowing Assessment and Meal time Management:

A swallowing Assessment is an essential and critical assessment to undertake for some individuals with disability. A swallowing is essential and will allow most appropriate nutrition to be provide to individuals in a safe manner.

Many older adults and individuals with a disability require a swallowing assessment to understand the type of meals which they can or can not eat. This enables carers, support workers and organisations who care for individuals with swallowing related difficulties to care for them in the safest manner possible.

What is the purpose and who conducts a Swallowing Assessments or Mealtime Management Plans?

A swallowing assessment will enable a speech pathologist to fully understand the type of meals and foods an indivudal may or may not be able to eat as well as providing recommendations on the most appropriate foods to eat.

Recently the NDIS has provided a practice update regarding swallowing assessment which can be found here.  The practice update around dysphasia, safe swallowing and mealtime management provides critical information regarding participant safety as well controlling and managing associated risks with swallowing.

Who requires a swallowing assessment?

Below are some of the common symptoms in those who require an urgent swallowing assessment, they include:

  • Coughing during or right after meals
  • Food or liquid remaining in the mouth after meals
  • Difficulties with lip closure
  • Changes in eating habits—specifically, avoidance of certain foods/drinks
  • Food or liquid spilling from the mouth
  • Frequent drooling
  • Complaints of food “getting stuck”
  • Wet or ‘gurgly’ sounding voice during or after meals
  • Difficulty coordinating breathing and swallowing
  • Recurrent pneumonia
  • Extra effort/time needed to chew

Time required to complete a Swallowing Assessment?

Functional Capacity Assessment generally takes between 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of each case. Further time is then required for reporting and follow up if needed.

Can a Swallowing be completed via telehealth?

In the majority of cases, Swallowing Assessments can be completed over telehealth. Generally, Speech Pathologists are able to ask relevant questions to ascertain key information regarding an individuals swallowing over a telehealth assessment.

Additionally, where video technology is available, speech pathologists are also able to observe swallowing. 

Swallowing Asssessment and Mealtime Management with Allied Health 2U:

As an NDIS provider, Speech Pathologists at Allied Health 2U and partner organisations have the skills and experience to complete swallowing assessments and mealtime mangement plans. Speech Pathologists can assist NDIS participants and organisations to help meet safe swallowing practices.

For a Swallowing Assessment and/or mealtime management plan please complete the Service Booking Form below:

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Service Areas for Swallowing Assessments and Mealtime Management Plans:

Our Mobile Occupational therapy team is currently servicing Sydney and the greater Sydney region. Through our telehealth services we are able to provide Swallowing Assessments throughout Australia.

  • Swallowing Assessment Sydney
  • Mealtime Management plan Sydney
  • Swallowing Assessment Bondi
  • Swallowing Assessment Maroubra
  • Swallowing Assessment Eastern Sydney
  • Mealtime Management plan Easterns Sydney
  • Mealtime Mangement plan Bondi
  • And many more suburbs!!