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Supported Independent Living (SIL) Report


How long does it take to complete a SIL Assessment?

A SIL assessment can vary in timeframe from person to person and would depend on the complexity and supports that the individual requires. In some instances multiple sessions will be required with an individual prior to a SIL report being provided. By having multiple sessions with a participant a greater understanding of their needs and requirements will be able to be ascertained and enable a more comprehensive report to be provided.

What is supported independent living?

Supported independent living (SIL) is where and individual receives help and/or supervision to develop the ability to live as independently as possible. The supports that an individual may require is recommended by Allied Health professionals in collaboration with other healthcare providers who are involved with the individual.

For other general information regarding housing and living supports you can refer here.

Who will the participant live with?

SIL accommodation provides the option for individuals to lives on their own or to lives with others. Depending on the needs and supports of the individual, the number of individuals that a participant may reside with can vary.

Where the participant lives and the number of people the participant can live with will depend on the supports that the individual requires. For example if a participant is assessed to require one to three supports, the participant will inevitably need to find accommodation in a shared living arrangement with two others. The number of supports can also vary for an individual based on different times of the day.

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    How can we help?

    If you require assistance with a supported independent living report (SIL) report or you require a report for specialist disability accommodation get in touch to see how we can help.

    What is the difference between SIL and SDA?

    A SIL accommodation takes into account the level of supports and individual requires for daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, social and medical needs, banking, grocery, attending medical appointments and help with person hygiene (such as showering and dressing). It does not take into account the physical environment of that specific accommodation.
    With specialist disability accommodation (SDA), as well as understanding the support a participant will require, the occupational therapist will also formulate the needs and requirements of the physical environmental/ accommodation that is required for the participant to live safely and independently with other supports.

    Where to start and what is involved in a support independent living report?

    The first step required to get access to SIL accommodation is for an Occupational Therapist to complete a SIL report. A SIL report is a detailed report, which looks at the needs and requirements of the individual and whether the SIL accommodation is required for that person.

    The occupational therapist will complete a functional assessment as well as conduct take an in-depth history taking to ascertain the required supports.