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Support Coordination 

What is Support Coordination

Support coordination services are used to assist individuals on the NDIS in receiving the supports they need to achieve their goals. The supports which may be required as an NDIS participant can include both mainstream supports such as accessing your general practitioner or dentist or specific NDIS supports. Support coordinators also work with allied health practitioners to ensure the relevant evidence is provided so that you can receive the supports you need to achieve your goals.

What are mainstream supports that a support coordinator can assist you with?

What are the steps in providing support coordination to participants?

  1. Referral to our service & completing service agreement
  2. Initial meeting to get background and understanding of the nature of services required
  3. Begin contacting providers to assist in establishing your supports
  4. Ongoing reviews to check in and ensure you are satisfied with the supports which you are receiving

In addition to the above, support coordinators can be contacted on an adhoc basis if there are any urgent items which require their attention.

Service which support coordinators can assist in establishing?

Support coordinators can also work with your advocate to ensure the supports you are receiving are suitable for you. Support coordinators will work with you to ensure you have the right support workers which meet your needs. This includes ensuring you have providers and support workers who can assist you in your personal care, social and community participation and other everyday activities. Your support coordinator ensures you have the supports in place to receive a range of everyday help to meet you needs.

Service which support coordinators can assist in establishing?

If your NDIS plan is not meeting your needs your support coordinator will work with you to complete a change of circumstance form . Our Support coordination service, will the put in place necessary steps to ensure that you can receive the supports you need including getting necessary assessments such as a functionl capacity assessment. A functional capacity assessment is usually completed by an Occupational Therapist via phone or face to face.  

Your Support Coordinator will also look to gather evidence from other medical and allied health practitioners to ensure you can receive the relevant and necessary supports.

Services Allied Health 2U provides within the support coordination category?

Services which Allied Health 2U provides within the support coordination category include:

  • Level 2: Coordination of Support
  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination
  • Psychosocial recovery coaching

For Support Coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching please complete the form below:

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