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Online Physiotherapy

What is Online Physiotherapy:

Online physiotherapy is exactly what it sounds like!

It is where a physiotherapy session is delivered online through video
conferencing tools available on a phone, laptop or smart device.

For a Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment please complete the Online Service Booking form below:

Online Service Booking Form

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Does Online Physiotherapy Work?

Online physiotherapy or telephysiotherapy certainly does work!

Physiotherapists can provide you with expert advice and knowledge regarding your injuries and around how you can overcome those injuries!

“ Knowledge is power!”

Having the correct and appropriate knowledge around your injuries and pain is by far the strongest and most powerful tool you could ever have.

What Are the Benefits of Online
Physiotherapy or Telephysiotherapy?


You can access online physiotherapy from anywhere around the world!


Have full confidence that the information you are getting is professional!


Receive tailored advice unique to you!

What is Required to Access
Online Physiotherapy?

You need to have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a video camera

You need to have a
valid email address

Why Online Physiotherapy?

You are in pain and unsure how to combat it?

Not knowing what to do can make your pain worse

You are unable to make it to a physical consult due to a busy lifestyle

We offer tailored solutions to your needs!

You would like guidance on your exercise technique and self treatment program

We offer personalised advice unique to you!

You want to know what your problem is and whether it is important to have it assessed by our mobile physiotherapy service?

We will tell you what your problem is and whether it requires a closer look.

You want to know what is going on whether it can be solved?

We will tell you what your problem is and how we can get on top of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim Online Physiotherapy sessions under my private health fund (Australian Customers Only)?

Some health insurers are also offering telehealth services to their members, including Bupa, Medibank Health Solutions, Doctors Health Fund and HCF.  Please check with your specific provider to see if telehealth for physiotherapy is covered.

What about Medicare EPC and NDIS coverage (Australian Customers Only)?

NDIS accepts telehealth as a valid service which can be included in your physiotherapy management plan.

 Currently Medicare does not cover physiotherapy under it’s telehealth scheme but this is currently being pursued closely by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am outside of Australia, Can I still get access to the expert advice of Australian Physiotherapists?

You certainly can!

How does it work?

Simply book an appointment below

You will be sent an email which will take you through the online booking system