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Online Counselling

What is online counselling?

Online counselling is a convenient method for receiving therapy for millions of individuals everyday.

Online counselling in Australia has started to become a very popular way of receiving therapy and continues to grow day to day.

At Allied Health 2U we understand that people are increasingly busier as life goes by. Online therapy offers a very similar experience to Face-to-Face services and utilises the same techniques.

With this in mind, we offer therapy most commonly in two ways: Telephone and video services.

For a Telehealth Counselling service appointment please complete the online service booking form below:

Online Service Booking Form

Service Type

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Telephone Counselling

Video Conferencing

What are the benefits of
online counselling?


You can access online counselling from anywhere around the world!


Have full confidence that the information you are getting is professional and confidential!


Receive tailored therapy!

What is required to access
online or tele-counselling?

To access online counselling or telecounselling all you require is a working telephone and we will call you at the time of  your appointment.

If you prefer to access video conferencing options then you will need to have the following: a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer and preferably headphones.

Why online Counselling?

Any different to face-face counselling?

Online and face to face counselling are much the same, in fact you can access
online counselling from the comfort of your own environment!

You are unable to make it to a face to face consult due to a busy lifestyle

We offer tailored solutions to your needs!

You have the need to talk to someone in a safe and confidential manner.

We provide a confidential and safe environment to access online counselling sessions.

Can reports be provided?

Our Counsellors and Psychotherapists  can provide you with support letters and reports following an online counselling assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim Online Physiotherapy sessions under my private health fund (Australian Customers Only)?

Many private health insurers cover counselling services as part of their
‘extras’ cover. Please contact your insurer to see whether you are covered and what rebate you might receive.

What about NDIS?

Our counsellors are also able to deliver services under the NDIS. Online
counselling sessions can be accessed directly with the participant otherwise if logistically challenging other arrangements can be discussed such that an online counselling session can still continue.

Complete an online booking form to see how you can get access to our online counsellors.

How does it work?

Simply book an appointment below

You will be sent an email which will take you through the online booking system