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Mobile Child Occupational Therapist to your Home or School in Sydney!

What does a children occupational therapist do?

A child Occupational Therapist (OT) works with kids to improve the way they function in day to day life and improves the ability for children to interact with their environment. Generally, therapy starts with an Occupational Therapy Assessment to ascertain the child’s needs.

Based on the specific needs and requirement of each child, Occupational Therapist’s will adjust the therapy each child receives to ensure it meets their needs and goals. Children’s Occupational Therapists work very closely with parents as the exercises and therapy principles which are provided for children need to remain consistent between all adults in the child’s life. A variety of strategies are used by child Occupational Therapists to further assist in providing the therapy, such as providing visual aids, which can be used as reminders to ensure consistent and positive behaviours are nurtured. OT’s are also able to prescribe a variety of other equipment to assist in the day to day functioning of children.

Time is of the essence when providing therapy for children and the earlier therapists can engage with children the increased likelihood for more favourable long term outcomes.

Children Occupational therapists visiting the home or schools in Sydney are able to help breakdown barriers that affect a child’s emotional, physical and social needs. In turn this allows children to increase their participation in day to day life events including during school. The increase in self esteem which occurs with the provision of therapy enables children to make more out of each day.

Where can therapy be provided?

Kids OT’s who come to your home in Sydney are able to put in place strategies to ensure that the benefits children receive from therapy are just as effective as they would be in a clinic.

Allied Health 2U Kids OT’s are also able to travel to schools and childcare’s in Sydney and provide their services in those settings enabling children to boost their school performance and increase the way they function in day to day life. In some instances therapy which is provided at schools or at homes can be more rewarding and have greater levels of success compared to therapy in a clinic as therapists are able to directly and instantaneously provide advice, education and direction regarding how children can engage and interact with their environment.

OT’s often also use play based therapy principles when providing child Occupational Therapy in homes and schools around Sydney. Play based therapy enable’s children to stay engaged as they learn and grow and improve their ability to connect and interact with their environment.

How many sessions are required prior to a change can be seen?

Generally within the first 5-10 sessions of therapy a change should be seen. If no change is seen in the first 5-10 sessions of therapy then an alteration in therapy or a change in direction is required. Remember that time is of the essence when providing therapy for children. If changes are not occurring in the early stages then valuable time is being lost.

Conditions a child occupational therapist visiting the home in Sydney can provide therapy for?

There are a variety of conditions that Child Occupational Therapists visiting the home in Sydney can provide therapy for and these include:
Autism spectrum Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
– Down Syndrome
– Cerebral Palsy
– Genetic and Chromosomal Disorders
– Traumatic injuries to the brain or spinal cord
– Learning difficulties
– Mental health behavioural problems
– Developmental delay
– Fragile X

Mobile child occupational therapists visiting the home or school in Sydney are also able to provide therapy for children through a range of different mediums including:

– Sensory integration therapy which provides therapy for children who have sensory processing dysfunction to increase their ability to participate in everyday life.
– Kids OT are also able to provide therapy to enable the improvement of fine motor skills which will enable children to improve the ability with handwriting skills
– Children OT’s can help kids improve basic life skills such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, toileting, eating and showering.
– OT’s are able to work with children to enable them to learn positive behaviour and social skills and increase their self awareness to help them manage feelings of anger and frustration.

Funding options for a children’s occupational therapist to your home in Sydney?

We have a variety of funding option available for children’s OT’s who visit the home in Sydney. There are both private funding and funding available through the national disability insurance agency (NDIS). You can make a referral here or call us for further information.

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