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Free interpreting service for NDIS participants

Why is finding an interpreter important?

Finding an interpreter is essential for non english speaking participants. When trying to understanding the needs of individuals without an interpreter to overcome the barriers in communication it would be very difficult to fully appreciate the needs of someon with a disability. Having an interpreter available for a functional capacity assessment is even more crucial as the information gathered to fully understand someones function can sometimes be very subtle and therefore ensuring that all the minor details are fully understood is critical.

Which languages can the interpreters help with?

Interpreters are able to assist with any language. Depending on the specific availability, there may need to be some negotiation around specific times however interpreters in lanuages can be accessed freely!

Languages which are available include:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Polish
  • Indonesian
  • Spanish
  • and many more…..

Who can organise the interpreters and how long can they be used for?

At Allied Health 2U, we are able to organise interpreters for participants who have services with our practitioners. Our administritive team can organise interpreters within 1 business day of the appointment and interpreters can be used as long as is required for the appointment.

We always aim to have interpreters available face to face, however sometimes, depeneding on the location and urgency for appointments interpreters may only be available via the phone. 

What type of appointments can interpreters attend?

Interpreters are able to attend just about all types of appointments to assist in communication between participants and their providers. Some of the types of appointments which an interpreter may attend include:

Who pays for the the services and how are they accessed?

The national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) pays for interpreting services for NDIS participants. The interpreting service are access through the interpreter national interpreter service (TIS). Our administritive staff are able too book NDIS participants with a TIS interpreter for their appointments. 

How do I book an appointment for a participant who requires an interpreter?

Support coordinators can book appointments the same way for participants who require an interpreter as they do for those who do not require an interperter. The only additional information you need to provide is to let our team know that the participant requires an interpreter and provide us with the details of the language.

Support coordinators can book appointments through the following link – Support coordinator referral form.

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