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Assistive Technology Assessment

Complex home modification assessments:

Occupational Therapists at Allied Health 2U complete can complete complex home modification assessment for a range of home needs.

Our mobile occupational therapists are able to complete theses assessment through face to face consultations.

In some cases the Occupational therapists may be able to complete a functional capacity assessment through an online occupational therapy consultation however for all complex home modifications the Occupational therapist will need to attend in person and in some cases attend with a builder.

What type of modifications required a complex home modification assesssment under the NDIS?

Modifications which require a complex home modification assessment a generally classified under major home modifications. 

Further details regarding complex home modification can be found here. 

Modifications which may be classified under the complex home modification category can include:

  • Home lifts
  • Chair lifts
  • Bathroom modifications
  • Ramp accessiblity and modifications

How long does a complex home modification assesssment take. 

An initial Complex home modification assessment generally takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the specific needs of each case. Further time is then required for reporting. In most cases a follow up assessment is also required.

Who can complete a complex home modification?

Generally a suitably qualified occupational therapists will be required to completed complex home modifications. 


Complex home modification - Parramatta

This map shows the complex home modification service area by Occupational Therapists at Allied Health 2U

Complex Home modification North Sydney

Home modification Hornsby NDIS

Complex home modification hornsby under NDIS

NDIS home modification Sutherland _ Allied Health 2U

NDIS home modification Sutherland _ Allied Health 2U

Complex home modification - Penrith

Complex home modification in Penrith for NDIS participants.


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Service Area for Complex Home Modification Assessments

The service area for complex home modifications currently being serviced includes sydney and the greater sydney region:

  • Complex home modification sydney
  • Complex home modification western sydney
  • Complex home modification northern sydney
  • Complex home modification eastern sydney
  • Complex home modification penrith to bondi
  • And many more suburbs!!