A little bit about Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mental health issues are often disregarded or down-played by some, with many people unable to recognise that mental health is paramount just as is physical health. The amount of people going to the gym and eating healthy to look after their physical self is increasing and the same work needs to be done to nourish and care for your mental health. It is important to think about how we could help our mental selves in difficult times. Anyone can be affected by mental health issues, some people keep it very well hidden before the cracks start to show, and others are unaware why they are feeling the way they do.

Many people think about attending counselling however often feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the feelings causing concerns disappear but later they pop up again and the cycle continues. This feeling is common and sometimes it can be hard to accept that you might need help managing this process.

The benefits of Counselling and Psychotherapy include a greater self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others. This improves self-esteem and enhances your personal relationships. Life feels more pleasurable and enjoyable! You feel better about yourself and who you are.

By booking an initial session you can make the decision to determine if counselling is right for you, and everything is confidential! Some people may need to try more than one counsellor as it is important to find one that understands you well.

If you’re unsure about what Counselling and Psychotherapy involves and have some questions, visit our online counselling page for more details or give us a call.